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We can tailor a support solution to suit your business, budget and data security requirements. Let us worry about software updates and patches, data back-ups and recovery, email and internet filtering, remote access for employees to meet its ever increasing needs. We manage your technology, so that you can manage your business!

We work by the hour or for a flat monthly rate. Our rates start @ $35.00 an hour with a minimum of 1 hour charge for every service call.

The monthly Flat Fee maintenance depends on the services we do. We calculate the amount of hours our team will be helping you and then we give you a price.  Our minimum rate is $250.00 a month.

Just call us or email to set up a Free consultation for more information

To keep running your business today  IT support is fundamental. The tech support specialist is the indicated choice to study the best technological solution that fits your needs.

No matter if you are the owner of a small or emerging business. It happens that your work has a special focus and for sure is not Technology.

Let our team of experts work on the IT solutions for your small business. We work with creative proposals at great prices.

Email Faro Tech Solution or call ‪(443) 840-6062‬ today to get started